Company Highlights:

  • - Same owners for over 50 years
  • - Family run business
  • - Member of the OIADA of which we held a board position for over 20 years
  • - We carry our own accounts, so a JOB and a DOWN PAYMENT is all you need
  • - We report to Equifax, so we can help rebuild your credit
  • - Over 70 clean, quality used cars available to choose from at any time

Mission Statement:

Ohio Motors strives to treat our customers with respect. We are here to give you a new start or a second chance and provide you with friendly service that meets your needs. Our primary objective is to help you establish or reestablish your credit while providing you with good transportation. We look forward to initiating a long term relationship with you and exhaust our resources and time to earn your satisfaction

Here to Serve You

This is Greg with his lovely wife Mary. Greg's dad Bill founded the company in 1961 and Greg has been here since 1978 He is happy to help with your next car purchase.

MrD. ( he prefers Bill)...celebrating a birthday with his youngest son Mark. Mr. D is one of the icons of the business in the Cincinnati area. And Mark has been with the company for over 30 years.

And Jeff. He has been with company for 7 years and helps on the sales and processing side of the business. Give him a call when you are ready to come in.